Fall Special Events and Super Sale. Diamond and gemstone markets become more challenging

It's good to be back after a long hiatus of this newsletter by mostly enjoying life. Fall is fast approaching with local arts events schedule, and I'm offering everyone a chance to own beautiful gemstones at wholesale prices through September. 

Diamond and gemstone markets are shifting focus as some prices fall and others increase. Metals just wobble in value while gold jewelry sales decline worldwide and silver jewelry continues to expand with designers as well as mass market. So much happening so read all about it.

Royal Jewelry Design to be at these local art events.

  September brings some of the best weather in the mid-Atlantic area and perfect for northern Delaware's finest outdoor art and craft shows. Please come out and see us at these events. You're sure to find something wonderful to take home.

Brandywine Festival of the Arts, Brandywine Park, Wilmington, De. September 8&9 10am to 5pm. Art on the Green, Battery Park, New Castle, De. September 22, 10am to 5pm

Bead Creations By Carol

Be sure not to miss the original bead creations by Carol Mack at the Royal Jewelry Design tent at the BFA. A hit at the BFA last year, Carol's jewelry using natural stone beads, crystals and pearls are smart looking and very affordable.  More about Carol

Sapphire for September

Pure perfection in blue are fine Sapphires and they are the beloved birthstone for September. Far rarer than diamond at a fraction of the cost, blue sapphires is the best loved of all the colored gemstones. More sapphire stuff ...

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Gems Now On Sale

Save 30% to 50% on fine gemstones.

More info on this offer ...

Diamond Markets Weaken and White Synthetics are coming

While 2011 saw diamond polished prices rise a solid 17%, the past several months in 2012 has seen a stable market shift to losses at major mining operations and the diamond banking sector tighten up liquidity forcing reductions in rough and polished prices. Read more ...

Platinum spikes, Rubies are hot

The recent strikes and unrest at the platinum mine in South Africa caused platinum to spike from $1480 per ounce to $1550. Because platinum has nominal industrial use, and used primarily for bridal jewelry we feel the price should settle down to under $1500. More on metals and gems